Factors Influencing Road Infrastructure Damage in Malaysia

Shehu, Zayyana, Elma, Nurul, Endut, Intan R. and Holt, Gary David (2014) Factors Influencing Road Infrastructure Damage in Malaysia. Infrastructure Asset Management . ISSN 2053-0242

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1680/iasma.14.00010


Damage to public road transport infrastructure can inhibit its optimal function and contribute to traffic accidents. Damage, therefore, is of concern to both road infrastructure users and owners. This study improves the understanding of damage-contributing factors to Malaysian road infrastructure, to inform optimum maintenance regimes and damage remedial measures. Data from a major survey of public road users are analysed using structural equation modelling. Causal relationships between factors are identified and tested as 12 hypotheses, of which 7 are found to be positive. Vehicle overloading and climatic effects are the major factors, whereas increased traffic volumes contribute to surface wear, other types of physical damage and ultimately accidents. We proffer that stakeholders need to better appreciate the significant contribution played by overloading and climatic effects and (ideally with governmental financial support) derive passive solutions to mitigate them. Alternatively, continued road infrastructure degradation will yield negative socioeconomic effects, in addition to the more direct problems of maintenance, repair and associated costs.

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