Nevirapine nanosuspensions: stability, plasma compatibility and sterilization

Shegokar, Ranjita and Singh, Kamalinder orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-7325-0711 (2012) Nevirapine nanosuspensions: stability, plasma compatibility and sterilization. Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation, 42 (5). pp. 257-269. ISSN 2093-6214

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The feasibility of preparing lyophilized or spray dried forms for reconstitution into nanosuspension (NS) was investigated in this study. The bare and surface modified aqueous NS of nevirapine were successfully converted into an anhydrous form by both techniques. The optimization of suitable cryoprotectant is essential to obtain completely dry product of desired properties. The NS adsorbed spray dried powder and granules would serve as excellent carriers for oral antiretroviral delivery. Furthermore, granules compressed to tablet showed sustained release compared to conventional marketed tablet. These results indicated that NS can be lyophilized and spray dried to prepare a product suitable for a parenteral and oral dosage form, respectively provided the formulation composition withstand phase changes during the drying processes process. Effect of sterilization method viz. steam and radiation on aqueous and lyophilized NS was also studied.

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