Self-Driected Support: Personalisation, Choice and Control: A review

Robbins, Rachel orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-6207-7703 (2015) Self-Driected Support: Personalisation, Choice and Control: A review. The British Journal of Social Work . pp. 1-2.

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Social work is a complex phenomenon. Whilst having an international federation, it is characterised by national, regional and local practices, and quality of practice can be judged on both a macro and the most micro and individual of scales. Within the UK, the impact of political devolution is becoming clear, especially in relation to adult care. Personalisation, as a concept, as a set of values, as policy and legislation, has become a key element of all political discourse, but the detail is region-dependent. In England, the 2014 Care Act signals the move away from care management as the main approach to working with adults, whilst Scotland is moving in a different direction. Social care is a devolved responsibility for Scotland and the Scottish context, in particular, …

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