Aveyard, Jon orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-0063-6848 (2006) Solo. [Composition]

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This is a binaural composition intended to be heard over headphones.

Wearing binaural microphones, I lay or crouched in the small room underneath by stairs and moved amongst various objects chosen for the variety and range of sounds they could make. By being crouched in amongst the sound sources, I could generate sounds using movements of my hands, arms and legs. The textures and gestures I would otherwise have assembled in the edit were instead being generated by the way in which movements of the arms or body disturbed a wide variety of sound sources at once in different ways.

Selected public presentations:
Exhibited at Mobile Republic, part of AND and Preston Guild 2012 (8th September 2012);
Installed at DRHA 2010 Conference, Brunel University, London (5th-8th September 2010);
Included on commissioned radio show on binaural audio art broadcast on three occasions on ArtRadio (Manchester and online) (14th, 15th, 25th August 2007);
On the February playlist at (2007);
Installed at SoundNetwork@Futuresonic07, Manchester Victoria Baths (11th – 13th May 2007);
Played on EXPOSED, ArtRadio, Manchester and online (7th July 2007);
Installed at Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (11th – 23rd December 2006).

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