IP Policy and Regulation in the Arab World: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities

El Said, Mohammed orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-9409-1481 (2013) IP Policy and Regulation in the Arab World: Changes, Challenges and Opportunities. In: Emerging Markets and the World Patent Order. Edward Elgar Publishing, Padtsow, pp. 329-349. ISBN 9781783471249

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The patent has emerged as a dominant force in 21st century economic policy. This book examines the impact of the BRICS and other emerging economies on the global patent framework and charts the phenomenal rise in the number of patents in some of these countries.

Guided by three of the world’s leading thinkers on patent law and development, a group of experts from around the world, including the BRICS and key developed country patent powers, examine critical issues raised by patent globalization. Is increasing use of the patent system in China, India, Brazil and other emerging markets part of a deeper change in world technological leadership? Do the established patent powers of Europe, Japan and the USA continue to lead regulatory development of patent systems or are new models being formed in emerging markets? What are the effects of patent globalization on regions like the Middle East, Africa and lower income areas of Asia? Through the answers to these questions, the reader is furnished with a rounded understanding of 21st century patent globalization and emerging market dynamics.

This book will appeal to patent law specialists, as well as scholars interested in the intersection between patents, innovation and economic development. In particular, the in-depth analysis would also be useful for policy analysts within government or research institutes working on patent policy issues.

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