A Novel Report Generation Approach For Medical Applications: The Sisds Methodology And Its Applications

Kuru, Kaya orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-4279-4166 (2010) A Novel Report Generation Approach For Medical Applications: The Sisds Methodology And Its Applications. Doctoral thesis, Middle East Technical University.

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In medicine, reliable data are available only in a few areas and necessary information on prognostic implications is generally missing. In spite of the fact that a great amount of money has been invested to ease the process, an effective solution has yet to be found. Unfortunately, existing data collection approaches in medicine seem inadequate to provide accurate and high quality data, which is a prerequisite for building a robust and effective DDSS. In this thesis, many different medical reporting methodologies and systems which have been used up to now are evaluated their strengths and deficiencies are revealed to shed light on how to set up an ideal medical reporting type. This thesis presents a new medical reporting method, namely &ldquo Structured, Interactive, Standardized and Decision Supporting Method&rdquo (SISDS) that encompasses most of the favorable features of the existing medical reporting methods while removing most of their deficiencies such as inefficiency and cognitive overload as well as introducing and promising new advantages. The method enables professionals to produce multilingual medical reports much more efficiently than the existing approaches in a novel way by allowing free-text-like data entry in a structured form. The proposed method in this study is proved to be more effective in many perspectives, such as facilitating the complete and the accurate data collection process and providing opportunities to build DDSS without tedious pre-processing and data preparation steps, mainly helping health care professionals practice better medicine.

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