Droplet-film impact modelling using a coupled DPM-VoF approach, ISABE-2013-1419

Adeniyi, AA, Morvan, H and Simmons, K (2013) Droplet-film impact modelling using a coupled DPM-VoF approach, ISABE-2013-1419. 21st Int. Soc. for Air Breathing Engines (ISABE), Busan, Korea .

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Official URL: http://www.isabe.org/


ABSTRACT: In aero engine bearing chambers oil is supplied for lubrication and cooling. Oil travels to the chamber outer walls creating films that transport heat away from the hot surfaces. High speed oil droplets within the core flow impact onto surfaces and films during engine operation. To model this type of flow, there is a need to be able to account for the multiple impacting droplets and the resulting cooling film. Resolving the droplets explicitly is not yet computationally feasible for a full bearing chamber. A coupled Lagrangian-Eulerian methodology is therefore presented to describe the phenomenon at an affordable cost. The droplets are assumed to be point particles and coupled with the Eulerian phase upon impact. Test cases reported here compare well with published literature.

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