Magnetic phase diagram of La2−xSrxCoO4 revised using muon-spin relaxation

Williams, RC, Xiao, F, Lancaster, T, De Renzi, R, Allodi, G, Bordignon, S, Freeman, Paul Gregory orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-5376-8940, Pratt, FL, Giblin, SR et al (2016) Magnetic phase diagram of La2−xSrxCoO4 revised using muon-spin relaxation. Physical Review B, 93 (14). ISSN 2469-9950

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We report the results of a muon-spin relaxation (μSR) investigation of La2−xSrxCoO4, an antiferromagnetic insulating series which has been shown to support charge ordered and magnetic stripe phases and an hourglass magnetic excitation spectrum. We present a revised magnetic phase diagram, which shows that the suppression of the magnetic ordering temperature is highly sensitive to small concentrations of holes. Distinct behavior within an intermediate x range (0.2≤x≲0.6) suggests that the putative stripe ordered phase extends to lower x than previously thought. Further charge doping (0.67≤x≤0.9) prevents magnetic ordering for T≳1.5K.

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