Opisthobranchiate Mollusca from Ghana: Polyceridae

Edmunds, Malcolm (2010) Opisthobranchiate Mollusca from Ghana: Polyceridae. Journal of Conchology, 40 (3). p. 291. ISSN 0022-0019

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Descriptions are given of six species of Doridoidea belonging to the family Polyceridae from Ghana, West Africa. Thecacera pennigera and Polycerella emertoni have wide geographical ranges and may have travelled on boat bottoms from their original sites. Kaloplocamus ramosus also has a wide geographical range but there is little evidence of it travelling on boats. The remaining three species, Limacia annulata, Polycera sp. and Paliolla templadoi, are only known from West Africa and nearby islands. The species of Polycera probably belongs to a currently undescribed species

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