Happy hour in IAPT: Improving workplace wellbeing

Dowthwaite, Lowri (2016) Happy hour in IAPT: Improving workplace wellbeing. Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal, Oct . pp. 8-13.

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Think about a time recently when you felt happy. Who were you with? What were you doing? How did you know that you felt happy?
This is the first exercise that we ask IAPT staff to complete when they participate in our ‘Happy Hour’ programme. We ask participants to pair up and talk to each other about the above questions. It is a simple exercise that has a significant positive effect. Immediately you see people lean in, smile, laugh and connect. When we regroup, we hear that people generally talked about spending time with family and friends or engaging in a satisfying hobby, appreciating the little things and feeling a sense of achievement. We know that we feel happy when we experience positive emotions such as enjoyment, love, excitement, contentment and peace. We also know that sharing these feelings with others makes us happier and that being happy is important to us.

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