Towards a network-aware middleware for wireless sensor networks

Andreou, Panayiotis orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-6369-1094, Zeinalipour-Yiazti, D, Chrysanthis, P and Samaras, G (2011) Towards a network-aware middleware for wireless sensor networks. In: 8th International Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks (DMSN'11), 29 August 2011, The Westin Hotel, Seattle, WA, USA. (Unpublished)

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), enable users to monitor the physical world at an extremely high fidelity. In order to collect the data generated by these tiny-scale devices, the data management community has proposed the utilization of declarative data acquisition frameworks. While these approaches have facilitated the energy-efficient retrieval of data from the environment, they were agnostic of the underlying network topology, which may impose data reception/transmission
inefficiencies. In this paper, we present the architectural design of KSpot+, a distributed middleware framework that introduces network-awareness to the data acquisition process by combining three cooperating components:
i) the Tree Balancing Module, which balances the workload incurred on each sensor node by constructing efficient network topologies; ii) the Workload Balancing Module, which minimizes data reception inefficiencies by synchronizing the waking windows of each sensor node; and
iii) the Query Processing Module, which manages query execution and additionally employs a ranking mechanism that
unveils only the k-highest ranked answers thus further minimizing energy consumption.

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