How to survive on land and sea

Alker, David orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-6504-2381 (2016) How to survive on land and sea. [Show/Exhibition]

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"The particles swarm her and they buzz just as much as bees if there are enough of them, louder than bees really because they hum directly into ears, wasting no energy on visibility."

Daniella Watson has been working with Rhubaba as a writer-in-residence over the past year. The resulting text, How to Survive on Land and Sea, consists of a collection of stories and ephemera relating to a little known artist collective called The Trajectorians. Through this collection of stories, ephemera and fragments the collective is presented not as the definitive article but an ongoing research project which is likely to become more biographical in time.

Daniella’s texts will be presented in a new publication and through a staged reading taking place at Rhubaba, in collaboration with dramaturge Jeni Cumming. After this opening event, the reading will continue to be present in the gallery through an audio installation, accompanied by artworks selected by Daniella, by Marcel Broodthaers and David Alker + Peter Liddell Projects .

What you hear will depend on where you sit. The voice of one reader will be louder than all the other voices at times and at other times only a whisper will be audible. How to Survive on Land and Sea is about the challenge of finding real space in 2016, an aside from a culture of proliferation, about exploring the possibility of art, its histories and its fictions to act upon experience. Through objects, voices and spaces, narratives become material facts. What would happen if particles became conscious? What if they wanted to infiltrate and influence our behaviours and what if they are already doing it? Working in hives between us, occupying us.

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