Orthogonal cutting in lubricated conditions

Murray, A. (1973) Orthogonal cutting in lubricated conditions. Masters thesis, University of Central Lancashire.

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The work investigates the role of cutting fluids in metal cutting and comparas their effectiveness in orthogonal cutting conditions. The basic functions of a cutting fluid are defined and the lubricating function is selected as a feasible measure for comparison. The effectiveness of a cutting fluid is discussed through it's role in reducing chip friction.
A summary is given of previous work on chip friction in orthogonal cutting. The apparent strain analysis of orthogonal
cutting of ductile materials is shown to relate the lubricating effects of a range of cutting fluids to the energy requirements of the process. Data is shown for cutting tests using a rig designed to allow measurement of cutting forces under conditions
of complete submórsion of tool and workpiece in a cutting fluid environment.
The mean equivalent strain is shown to be a measure of the lubricatAing effect of a cutting fluid and is used to develop an index of cutting fluid efficiency. This index is used to relate the individual performance of cutting fluids when machining En9 steel.

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