The effectiveness of government policy and planning controls relating to wind energy

Wilson, A.J. (1995) The effectiveness of government policy and planning controls relating to wind energy. Other thesis, University of Central Lancashire.

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The broad aim of this dissertation is to examine Government renewable and wind energy policy, and then to analyse the planning controls which guide development.The specific objective of chapter 1 is to demonstrate that the Government's target for renewable and wind generated electricity output is unsatisfactory, in the light of UK electricity demand, environmental and health risks resulting from the use of fossil and nuclear fuels, ineffective abatement of fossil fuel emissions, the UK wind resource, policies adopted by other countries, and issues of climate change and sustainable development. The question of financial support for wind energy expansion is also considered. Sources for Chapter 1 include Government policy documents, DTI and other publications, Energy Papers, and Parliamentary Committee Reports.
The argument set out in Chapter 2 is that although wind power offers overwhelming advantages at the national and global level, its local drawbacks are serious enough to justify the use of compulsory environmental assessment. The various adverse effects are described (visual impact, land use, shadow disturbance, wildlife and habitat disruption, electromagnetic
interference, safety and noise), with reference to legislation, Department of the Environment, DTI and other publications, Government planning guidance, and Parliamentary Committee findings.
Finally, Chapter 3 looks at planning controls in practice. This covers development plans (Part 1), decisions taken on planning applications (Part 2), noise and the use of PPG 22 and 24 (Part 3), planning conditions (Part 4), and section 106 obligations (Part 5). Chapter 3 is based on DTI and other publications, Government planning guidance, court cases,
Parliamentary Committee findings, and correspondence with local authorities (Lancashire and Northumberland County Councils, Kirklees Metropolitan Council, and at district level, North Cornwall, Burnley, Derwentside, Adur,
Radnorshire, Copeland, Torridge, Montgomeryshire and Carrick).

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