DevOps in regulated software development: Case medical devices

Laukkarinen, T, Kuusinen, Kati orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-3076-1356 and Mikkonen, T (2017) DevOps in regulated software development: Case medical devices. In: 39th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Software Engineering: New Ideas and Emerging Results Track, ICSE-NIER 2017, 20 May 2017 through 28 May 2017, Buenos Aires; Argentina.

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DevOps and continuous development are getting popular in the software industry. Adopting these modern approaches in regulatory environments, such as medical device software, is not straightforward because of the demand for regulatory compliance. While DevOps relies on continuous deployment and integration, regulated environments require strict audits and approvals before releases. Therefore, the use of modern development approaches in regulatory environments is rare, as is the research on the topic. However, as software is more and more predominant in medical devices, modern software development approaches become attractive. This paper discusses the fit of DevOps for regulated medical device software development. We examine two related standards, IEC 62304 and IEC 82304-1, for obstacles and benefits of using DevOps for medical device software development. We found these standards to set obstacles for continuous delivery and integration. Respectively, development tools can help fulfilling the requirements of traceability and documentation of these standards.

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