Opisthobranchiate mollusca from Ghana: Facelinidae

Edmunds, Malcolm (2015) Opisthobranchiate mollusca from Ghana: Facelinidae. Journal of Conchology, 42 (2). pp. 125-161. ISSN 0022-0019

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Official URL: http://www.conchsoc.org/journal


Descriptions are given of twelve species of nudibranch aeolid from Ghana belonging to the family Facelinidae. Two of the species are new: Cratena tema n. sp., and Godiva brunnea n. sp., while three more, Facelinidae species A, B and C, appear to be currently undescribed species. Many of the twelve species are capable of living among the fouling community in harbours and on boat hulls; as a consequence several of these have an amphiatlantic geographical range while one species, Godiva quadricolor, also occurs widely in the Indian Ocean.

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