Forensic Taphonomy. In: Encyclopaedia of Forensic Sciences

Simmons, Tal Linda Ileen and Cross, Peter Andrew orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-1812-5664 (2013) Forensic Taphonomy. In: Encyclopaedia of Forensic Sciences. In: Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences [2nd Edition]. Elsevier, pp. 11-17. ISBN Hardcover ISBN: 9780123821652; eBook ISBN: 9780123821669

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Forensic taphonomy encompasses the study of the processes of decomposition, the circumstances of death, commingling, trauma analysis, and all other factors relating to the estimation of time since death. Forensic taphonomy grew out of taphonomic studies of bone assemblages conducted in palaeontology and archaeology, and took on new directions as both casework and the situations and conditions in which remains were found expanded. Current research in forensic taphonomy depends upon the collection of standardised data; this has aided the ability of researchers to compare decomposition patterns and rates across diverse geographic regions and environments.

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