Crafted from recycled glass and porcelain, SilicaStone is sintered to create beautiful surfaces 

100% UV, Fire and Frost proof

We know that designers and architects want to know that the materials they specify will last. Find out more about  our testing and the properties of SilicaStone


Made in the UK

We produce all of our surfaces in our factory in Preston, Lancashire where we work with locallly sourced recycled glass and porcelain to make our products. Find out more about how we make our surfaces   



Solid Surfaces 

SilicaStone is a unique material able to be cast in large surfaces up to 40mm thick from tiles and bricks all the way up to 2.4m x 1m Solid Surfaces. Speak to our design team today to discuss your requirements. 

Driven by a belief that architects, designers and manufacturers must become increasingly sustainable, ALUSID has developed a new material that reduces our environmental impact without compromising on design
— Jim Biddulph - Material Lab
“What I love about Silicastone is that it not only is proof that waste can be successfully incorporated into our lives again, it also has a unique and versatile aesthetic that plays with colour and texture delivering a surface that creates and emotional connection with the user.”
— Adele Orcajada - Material Driven
What we really like is the story, which takes the creative reuse of a standard material and process in a new direction by embracing local materials and labour to produce something that is truly sustainable and I think quite beautiful.
— Tim Forster - White Design

There's a SilicaStone Surface for any project.

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