Intersectionality in Social Work: Activism and Practice in Context

Robbins, Rachel orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-6207-7703 and Nayak, Suryia (2018) Intersectionality in Social Work: Activism and Practice in Context. Routledge Advances in Social Work . Routledge. ISBN 9781138628168

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This groundbreaking book is an innovative, passionate and provocative exploration of intersectionality. The sustained emphasis on activism and practice reasserts the potency of intersectionality borne out of Black feminism. The rare and pioneering international reach of this book crosses four continents. In this book context matters: there is no intersectionality without context!

Resting on the premise that we cannot work for the liberation of individuals, communities and societies without ntersectionality, this book asks: How does intersectionality challenge the structures and discourses of social work education,
management and organisation? What is the revolutionary potential of intersectionality? Intersectional in its method and content, the blend of practice, activism, research and theory troubles geopolitical and disciplinary boundaries. The range
of topics include: Islamophobia, immigration, feminist movements, social work education, violence against women and girls, gender, sexuality, race, disability, age, religion, nationality, citizenship policy and legal frameworks.

This book will appeal to activists for social justice, social work practitioners, researchers, lecturers, students and those working in the field of Black feminist thinking. The focus on the activism of intersectionality provides a clear pathway
into Black feminist thinking and its application to social work internationally and to emancipatory collective political activism worldwide.

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