The Glioma Elephant in The Room

Davis, Charles (2019) The Glioma Elephant in The Room. Neuro-Oncology, 21 (S4). pp. 16-17. ISSN 1522-8517

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Abstract Radiotherapy is the most effective treatment of glioblastoma, radical surgery and chemotherapy will help some patients. Tumour Treating Fields (TTF) is used in many countries in the developed world. Thousands of patients have been treated. Methods A survey at a neuro-oncology meeting of clinicians, scientists and charity members asking them about TTF. Results 1. 7 out of 8 clinicians did not discuss TTF with patients.: 2. The reasons being “not available”, “very expensive”, “don’t know enough”.: 3. Out of 17 non clinicians, 14 stated that TTF should be discussed with all patients.: 4. Out of 22 clinicians and non clinicians, 16 said they would consider trying to raise £200.000 for treatment from crowd funding. Discussion The report of the chief scientific officer of the department of health on brain tumours, the report of the Tessa Jowell funding, BNOS, do not discuss TTF.?why. NICE guidelines for NHS patients state “Do not offer TTF” but do not say “Do not discuss”. Conclusion Sadly, clinicians are not telling the patients about options for treatment. TTF is controversial and expensive and is now being used in several cancer treatments. The UK is one of the few developed countries that is not researching or discussing this treatment.

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