Sanremo città della canzone italiana

Bagnoli, Lorenzo (2019) Sanremo città della canzone italiana. Rivista Geografica Italiana, 126 (4). pp. 63-687. ISSN 0035-6697

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Since the first edition of the Festival of the Italian Song (1951), Sanremo progressively managed co raise the indisputable role of capital of song for che encire country. This paper deals with the importance of the annual touriscic musical event in che processes of urban territorialisation and re-territorialisation, dividing the period from 1951 co date in decades and dedicacing to each of chem a specific deepening on che rouristic sicuacion of the town. Song tourism still has relevance not only for Sanremo's image but also for ics urban geography. and this is evident from the analysis of quanticative and qualicative data

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