An introduction to multi-physics multi-scale approach

Rahnejat, Homer orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-2257-7102 (2010) An introduction to multi-physics multi-scale approach. Tribology and Dynamics of Engine and Powertain . pp. 3-38.

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All natural phenomena or those which are instigated by people through devised mechanisms, machines or devices are subject to dynamics. Dynamics, as physics of motion, is the broadest of sciences. It happens that its many facets are explained by various laws of physics and theories, and methods of analysis. Therefore, one can view dynamics as a multi-physics science. The underlying principles and methods describing the multi-physics nature of dynamics have their roots in laws and rules which belie the development of the various branches of physics. These are often based on kinetic laws that seemingly govern interactions at various physical scales. Thus, dynamics is a multi-physics multi-scale science of interactions of all matter. Engines and powertrains are no exception, and perhaps very good examples of the interactive nature of multi-faceted dynamics. This chapter introduces the fundamentals of dynamics, the science that has engaged human inquisition and has arguably contributed to the advancement of civilisation for the longest. © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2010.

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