A high resolution pneumatic proximity to tactile sensing device

Benhadj, R, Rahnejat, Homer orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-2257-7102 and Safa, MMA (1987) A high resolution pneumatic proximity to tactile sensing device. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2 ((No 3)). pp. 59-72.

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02601486


This paper describes the formulation and development of a pneumatic sensing device for automated recognition of objects within flexible manufacturing environments. This sensing device utilises a densely packed matrix of IC pressure sensors, providing continuous variable output. The sensing head incorporates a corresponding matrix of air jets which form boundary layers when striking the objects of interest. The back pressure levels from these form the basis for the tasks of object detection and recognition,. Objects and their features are recognised by their ‘back-pressure map’. Precise information can be obtained about features and anomalies down to a resolution of 10 μm. The system here described is a research prototype and has been evaluated on a simple test rig: in this form its is not at a stage where it can be applied to a recognition situation on the shop floor. Nevertheless the system is novel and it is hoped to publish details of an industrially applicable package in due course.

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