Advances in Medical and Surgical Engineering

Ahmed, Waqar, Phoenix, David, Jackson, Mark and Charalambous, Charaçambous P. (2020) Advances in Medical and Surgical Engineering. Elsevier. ISBN 9780128197127

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Advances in Medical and Surgical Engineering integrates the knowledge and experience of experts from academia and practicing surgeons working with patients. The cutting-edge progress in medical technology applications is making the traditional line between engineering and medical science ever thinner. This is an excellent resource for biomedical engineers working in industry and academia on developing medical technologies. It covers challenges in the application of technology in the clinic with views from an editorial team that is highly experienced in engineering, biomaterials, surgical practice, biomedical science and technology, and that has a proven track record of publishing applied biomedical science and technology.

For medical practitioners, this book covers advances in technology in their domain. For students, this book identifies the opportunities of research based on the reviews of utilization of current technologies. The content in this book can also be of interest to policymakers, research funding agencies, and libraries, that are contributing to development of medical technologies.

Key Features
Covers circulatory support, aortic valve implantation and microvascular antestmosis
Explores arthroplasty of both the knee and the shoulder
Includes tribology of materials, laser treatment and machining of biomaterials
Graduate students, researchers, or engineers who work in the interdisciplinary field of biomedical engineering

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