Bioinspired reorientation strategies for application in micro/nanorobotic control

Ghanbari, Ali orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-1087-8426 (2020) Bioinspired reorientation strategies for application in micro/nanorobotic control. Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics . ISSN 2194-6418

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Engineers have recently been inspired by swimming methodologies of microorganisms in creating micro-/nanorobots for biomedical applications. Future medicine may be revolutionized by the application of these small machines in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating diseases. Studies over the past decade have often concentrated on propulsion generation. However, there are many other challenges to address before the practical use of robots at the micro-/nanoscale. The control and reorientation ability of such robots remain as some of these challenges. This paper reviews the strategies of swimming microorganisms for reorientation, including tumbling, reverse and flick, direction control of helical-path swimmers, by speed modulation, using complex flagella, and the help ofmastigonemes. Then, inspired by direction change in microorganisms,methods for orientation control for microrobots and possible directions for future studies are discussed. Further, the effects of solid boundaries on the swimming trajectories of microorganisms and microrobots are examined. In addition to propulsion systems for artificial microswimmers, swimming microorganisms are promising sources of control methodologies at the micro-/nanoscale.

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