Research Stories: Both a technological and a societal challenge

Martin, Craig orcid iconORCID: 0000-0003-0239-1298, Dobbelsteen, Andy, Pieters, Jo, Keeffe, Greg, Montemayor, Javier and Janssen, Astrid (2019) Research Stories: Both a technological and a societal challenge. Research Stories .

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To create energy-neutral cities, we need to fundamentally change how we live in our cities. The City-zen Roadshow helps to understand that it is necessary to look at sustainability from both a technological and a societal perspective. The tenth Roadshow, organised in Amersfoort, once again shows how the project creates awareness by connecting citizens, legislators, and market players with students and experts.

This article would be composed of interviews from both city stakeholders and members of the Roadshow team who took part in the Amersfoort Roadshow. Its content would describe the aims and process. A video would also be included graphically outlining the motives and experiences of the onsite co-creative initiative.

“Sustainability is a huge word. How do you get people to open up to new ideas on lifestyle and their city, their daily life? That is what the Roadshow is designed to do. We created a methodology to gain trust from people we do not yet know, but who are the ones who are using the city that our design team visits,” explains research leader Craig Martin.

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