Lamminrahkan Koulukeskus: Lamminrahkan School: The Village of Multiple Learning. Kangasala, Finland

Kay-Jones, Simon orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-5741-3875, Murphy, Barry, Tik, Li Hui and Yin, Yun Sai (2020) Lamminrahkan Koulukeskus: Lamminrahkan School: The Village of Multiple Learning. Kangasala, Finland. [Artefact]

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Opinkylä (Student Citizens)

Our proposal for the "Lamminrahkan koulukeskus" is to create a village for learning. Learners of different ages are housed in their own designated ’home’ – schools within a school. These distinct school blocks allow for a greater sense of belonging and ownership by the pupils, and better security and supervision by staff. The new school village will be an early and significant landmark building in the center of the new town. The pitched roofs of each ’home’ are clearly visible as part of the urban streetscape, and the gaps between the ’homes’ act like village lanes for movement of people and goods.

Koulukansalaiset (School Villages)

Life will flow between interior and exterior as the ’school citizens’ pour out into the community and the community pours into the school from both the street and the park. Spaces shared with the community are easily accessible, such as the "taitotalo" which is situated next to the tori to attract out-of-hours use. The "liikuntahalli" is similarly located close to the sports facilities in the park and will act as community sports center.

Kylänaukio (Village Squares)

The "pienten lasten yksikkö" and 'koulu' each have their own heart space at their center, nestled between the school ’homes’. Like a village square, it is a place where the whole school population can assemble and dine together. The ’public realm’ of interconnecting circulation, internal and external social spaces between the ’homes’ provide the opportunity for chance encounters, and encourage social interaction and learning from peers, as well as providing views into teaching spaces like ’shop windows’.

Kattoterassi (Roof terracces)

Just as the new city aims to be nature and city combined, there is a "kattoterrassi opitila" above the heart spaces which connects the two schools. With LED lit glasshouses heated by air source heat pumps, horticulture can be taught. The roofs also collect rainwater and solar energy, all metered so it can be used as a teaching tool – how much water conserved and energy generated. There is a outdoor gathering space between the two schools, where the "nouriparlamenti" can meet and make decisions on behalf of the young people of the area.

Kodit (Homes)

"Opetustilat" are sensual and flexible spaces that inspire students, staff and visitors. The shift from ’teaching’ to ’learning’ means designing spaces that are student focused, not simply as places to exchange information but to assist human communication and self-realization. The simple 7x7m grid allows for a variety of specifically created places - places to be quiet and places to be noisy; places to be with others and places to be away from others. The spaces are adaptable to different pedagogies and constantly developing ways of learning and ICT. Constructed using prefabricated concrete elements, they good acoustics / fire / thermal efficiency as well as durability. These elements also avoid the need for additional facing materials and minimize on-site wastage.

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