Method and apparatus for estimating bladder condition (用于估计膀胱状态的方法和装置)

University of Central Lancashire (2022) Method and apparatus for estimating bladder condition (用于估计膀胱状态的方法和装置). CN108024769A.

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The present invention relates to the possibility for the upcoming excretion especially with regard to bladder to estimate the method and apparatus of bladder condition.Device performs the computer implemented method that bladder condition is estimated using bladder monitor, and bladder monitor collects bladder data (such as using ultrasound) and is used to the algorithm of bladder condition change by bladder data transfer to data processor.Such algorithm can be trained to and adjust the bladder of specific people.After based on esoteric bladder data establish bladder condition originally, in the case where bladder condition meets the specific criteria of the upcoming excretion event of instruction, data processor and then triggerable alarm signal.Such trigger signal can be used for alerting the imminent excretion of bed-wetting patient so that they can be waken up before any generation of wetting the bed.

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