DOLPHIN: Dynamically Optimized and Load Balanced PatH for INter-domain SDN Communication

Latif, Zohaib, Sharif, Kashif, Li, Fan, Karim, Md Monjurul, Biswas, Sujit, Shahzad, Madiha and Mohanty, Saraju (2020) DOLPHIN: Dynamically Optimized and Load Balanced PatH for INter-domain SDN Communication. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management . ISSN 1932-4537

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Software-Defined Networking has become an integral technology for large scale networks that require dynamic flow management. It separates the control function from data plane devices and centralizes it in a domain controller. However, only a limited number of switches can be managed by a single and centralized controller which introduces challenges such as scalability, reliability, and availability. Distributed controller architecture resolves these issues but also introduces new challenges of uneven load and traffic management across domains. As real-world networks have redundant links, hence a significant challenge is to distribute traffic flows on multiple paths, within a domain, and across multiple independent domains. The selection of ingress and egress switches becomes even more problematic if the intermediate domain is non-cooperative. In this work, we propose a Dynamically Optimized and Load-balanced Path for Inter-domain (DOLPHIN) communication system, a customized solution for different SDN controllers. It provides control beyond the virtual switch elements in intra and inter-domain communication and extends the range of programmability to wireless devices, such as the Internet of Things or vehicular networks. Extensive simulation results show that the traffic load is distributed evenly on multiple links connecting different domains. We model data center communication and 5G vehicular network communication to show that, by load balancing the flow completion times of the different types of network traffic can be significantly improved.

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