Experimental Analysis of a Solar Energy Storage Heat Pump System

Chen, Haifei, Li, Guiqiang, Ling, Yueyue, Fu, Jie, Wang, Yunjie, Yang, Jie, Jiang, Lyulin, Badiei, Ali orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-2103-2955 and Zhang, Yang (2021) Experimental Analysis of a Solar Energy Storage Heat Pump System. Journal of Thermal Science . ISSN 1003-2169

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Official URL: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11630-021-1426-3


This paper introduces a novel solar-assisted heat pump system with phase change energy storage and describes the methodology used to analyze the performance of the proposed system. A mathematical model was established for the key parts of the system including solar evaporator, condenser, phase change energy storage tank, and compressor. In parallel to the modelling work, an experimental set-up of the proposed solar energy storage heat pump system was developed. The experimental data showed that the designed system is capable of meeting cold day heating demands in rural areas of Yanbian city located in Jilin province of China. In day-time operation, the solar heat pump system stores excess energy in the energy storage tank for heating purposes. A desired indoor temperature was achieved; the average coefficient of performance of solar heat pump was identified as 4.5, and the system showed a stable performance throughout the day. In night-time operation, the energy stored in the storage tank was released through a liquid-solid change of phase in the employed phase-change material. In this way, the provision of continuous heat for ten hours was ensured within the building, and the desired indoor air conditions were achieved.

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