Slide Hatch: Smart Slide Generator

Kottachchi, Dilmi Sulakshan and Ginige, T.N.D.S. (2021) Slide Hatch: Smart Slide Generator. In: 2021 2nd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology (GCAT), 1-3 October 2021, Bangalore, India.

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With the current situation of Covid-19 and people are moving into online learning for their studies, lecturers and teachers should find a way in which they could make online learning effective for students. The radical shift towards online learning has surged the use of various online tools and methods. The most common tool being used is the presentation slide. Due to the fact that most teachers and lecturers have less knowledge on creating presentations which helps retain student concentration levels during online learning, a system to help them to auto generate these lecture materials would be worthwhile. Previous studies have been conducted to look into generating slides for research and academic papers. However, there is no system which is fine-tuned to help teachers in generating slides automatically just by them uploading images from the lecture material they use. The main objective of this research will be to minimize the overhead and to have a smart way of generating slides for teaching to help students retain their concentration levels.

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