Quasi-periodic ripples in the heliosphere from 1 to 40 AU

Birch, Martin John and Hargreaves, J.K (2021) Quasi-periodic ripples in the heliosphere from 1 to 40 AU. Advances in Space Research, 67 (1). pp. 678-699. ISSN 02731177

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Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.asr.2020.08.030


This study extends the investigation of the ripples in the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field at L1 reported by Birch and Hargreaves (2020) to cover heliospheric distances from 1 to 40 AU, using data from the Voyager 2, Ulysses, Juno, Cassini, Themis and Apollo-12 spacecraft. The ripples were extracted from the source data using a bandpass filter which reduces the noise component of the source data while removing long-term trends. The ripples were found to propagate throughout the heliosphere with an average periodicity of 26 min, without significant attenuation relative to the background. They also permeated within the magnetospheres of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn with an average periodicity of 25 min, though with some attenuation relative to the solar wind, especially in the case of Jupiter. Within the planetary magnetospheres, the ripples were suppressed by the intense fields in close proximity to each planet, and though the distance varied at which this cutoff occurred, the flux density was very similar in all three cases.

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