Military Social Work in the United Kingdom

Low, Clare, Pearce, Craig Richard, Leighton, Richard Alan, Hillman, Katherine, Barber, Ian, Mabbutt, Emma, Brown, Jennifer and Ross, Pauline Diane Bridgette (2023) Military Social Work in the United Kingdom. In: Military Social Work Around the Globe. Military and Veterans Studies . Springer, pp. 151-165.

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Social work as a profession is widely known within the United Kingdom, particularly in relation to children’s welfare and safeguarding. There is significantly less visibility with the social work role in the military. Military social workers are either uniformed serving personnel, civilians employed directly by the Ministry of Defence or in a contracted role to deliver social work services. Military social workers work in health and welfare services, supporting serving personnel, and depending on their role/remit, with families too. The Ministry of Defence is a large organisation with the separate services of the military (Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force (RAF)) each having their own structure and processes.

This chapter will give a broad overview of military social work (MilSW) within the different teams and services. It will explore the roots of social work in the military, education/training requirements to practice and settings in which practitioners are based. Attention will be given to the social work role in terms of interventions, approach, work with veterans and consideration for the ethics and challenges of working in a military context.

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