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This page of Band of Hope Review readers’ comments about the benefits of a teetotal holiday shows that holidays were seen as problem periods for drinking. It gave the young readers an opportunity to see their work printed, and had been set as a competition.

…what our readers say about it…

When you are on a holiday you want to be active and lively, but if you take intoxicants you will feel sleepy and out of sorts, and have a headache next morning. Besides, you will set a bad example to other holiday-makers.
Jack Rees.

It is a good plan to show others how well we can enjoy ourselves without strong drink, and that when we return we are able to attend to our duties as usual.
Nina Nickels.

If people do not spend their money in drink they can afford a better holiday, and I am sure the holiday will not do anybody good who gets drunk. Drinking leads to bad language and quarrelling, but teetotalers can have a pleasant time together as a family.
Jessie Kellett.

I Lie to enjoy myself without doing myself harm, which I should be sure to do if I took strong drink. Drinking leads to other sins, which spoil all true pleasure.
Samuel Nabney.

A man whose senses are blunted by drink cannot comprehend the beauties of the scenery through which he passes, as a teetotaler can. Teetotalers enjoy the pleasures of life far more than those who drink intoxicants. A teetotal holiday pays in every way, and there is no fear of waking up in the morning with a bad headache and being miserable all day because of a misspent day.
John Wesley Allin.

We enjoy ourselves better, we have lighter hearts, we think of other people instead of giving them anxiety, we are not so likely to be rough and rude, we do not waste so much money, and we do not get tired and feel worried the next morning.
Ethel Buckley.

Holidays are times when some people are tempted to drink to excess. If a teetotaler you will be free from this danger, and less likely to yield to temptation. When on a holiday, and surrounded by friends and strangers, your influence and example as an abstainer may accomplish great good. A holiday should be a time of rest and change. Therefore anything that would cause unnatural excitement, or injure the body, should be avoided. Alcohol does this, so it is best to shut it altogether. A teetotal holiday is less expensive, more beneficial, ad far more enjoyable.
Selina Milverton.

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