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From the Band of Hope Review in 1902 comes this news item, about a Band of Hope Secretary who, as the caption says, ‘noticing how fond youngsters are of ‘stamps’ and ‘transfers,’... prepared a series of indiarubber stamps.’ Although to modern eyes these may look more like tattoos, the analogy with vaccination protecting from deadly disease would be intended.

One of the most earnest and successful Temperance workers in the kingdom is Mr. Edward Royds, of St. Albans, the organising secretary of the Herts Band of Hope Union, who is known to thousands of young teetotalers as “Uncle Edward.” Some time ago he hit upon a novel plan of impressing Temperance truths on the minds – and bodies – of boys and girls. Noticing how found all youngsters are of “stamps” and “transfers”, he prepared a series of indiarubber stamps with some plain, straightforward Temperance truths, and nearly every child in Hertfordshire has been decorated with what its inventor sometimes calls “Band of Hope vaccination”. The picture at the bottom of the page shows Mr Royds busily engaged in stamping the bared arms of a group of young teetotalers, and two larger photographs of a Band of Hope member’s arms show the results of the stamping.

One good result of this plan is that not only the boys and girls whose arms or hands are stamped read these pungent sentences, but they are shown to their playmates and a good many other people, and talked over besides. It is always worth while to take trouble to spread the truths of Temperance. If we could get everybody to believe the facts stated on Mr Royd’s five stamps, there would surely be an end to the power of Strong Drink, which causes so much evil.

Drink is a mocker, a deceiver, a fraud, and a sham.
Drink spoils water, destroys barley, rots grapes, wastes money.
Drink curses families, hardens hearts, stifles consciences, ruins souls.
Drink starves children, turns fathers into fiends mothers into demons.
Drink fills prisons, crams madhouses, empties churches, keeps the hangman busy.
True to the pledge forever.
I hate strong drink.

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