Emergent Themes in Nuclear Decommissioning Dialogue: A Systems Perspective

Whitton, John orcid iconORCID: 0000-0001-6391-5740 (2011) Emergent Themes in Nuclear Decommissioning Dialogue: A Systems Perspective. The Systemist, 33 (2&3). ISSN 0961-8309

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This paper discusses the ontological and epistemological basis of a recently complet-ed action orientated work based PhD entitled: “Participant Perceptions on the Na-ture of Stakeholder Dialogue Carried Out by the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Au-thority (NDA)”. The research had the emancipatory aim of raising participant awareness regarding their role in the dialogue process, particularly the nature of the conversation being had and participants‟ influence on the UK Nuclear Decommis-sioning Strategy. During the research, the links between the work and systems think-ing became apparent. The emerging themes of deliberation, influence and fairness within the ongoing NDA dialogue are introduced. A summary of the opportunities for systemic social research is provided, with the conclusion that despite initiatives such as the NDA Socio-economic Strategy and the West Cumbria Energy CoastTM, there is currently an absence of ongoing social research on the societal impacts of the planned decommissioning of Sellafield and other nuclear sites. The social impacts of decommissioning are particularly poorly understood, requiring systemic social re-search that can inform a community and institutional response.

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