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Thursday, September 1st, 1932
This day – 100 years ago – in the cockpit, at Preston
7 men signed the Britishers’
Declaration of Independence
Never drink! Never drunk!
Said they.
Further, they entered upon a great Missionary Crusade so that the blessings of this new freedom might abound!
Now, 100 years after, the Home Secretary, (Sir Herbert Samuel, M.P) says :--
“I believe the Temperance Movement has performed services for the benefit of our people unsurpassed in the history of philanthropic movements in the country.”
Therefore, let us praise famous men.

For Preston and Environs.
Come to the Citizens’ Thanksgiving demonstration,
Market Square, Preston, 7-15p.m.
Special speakers and music. Be there!

A) Link up with the Simultaneous Commemorative Feast in your home or usual Meeting Place. Help the needy! Speed the cause!
B) Another Method: Announce the event in “personal”, “correspondence” or other columns of your local newspaper.
Let every paper int eh land contain a message!

Here’s a suggestion
100 years ago this day – Seven Men of Preston found a new freedom in declaring –
“We promise to abstain from all liquors of an intoxicating quality.”
More than 7 millions have since resolved similarly, and enjoyed the blessings. Never drink-Never drunk! Nature’s brew is best for you.

Every lover of the cause is asked, by voice or pen, to help on a nation-wide publicity!

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