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1.30pm Grand March Past
Order of the Grand March-Past on the Terraces
Chief Marshal: Mr. J. Rewcastle Woods,
Grand Chief Templar, English Grand Lodge, I.O.G.T.

1. Civic and National Leaders.
2. Veteran Abstainers.
3. Bands of Hope.
4. Sons of Temperance.
5. Independent Order of Rechabites.
6. International Order of Good Templars.
7. British Women’s Total Abstinence Union.
8. Church of England Temperance Society.
9. Girls’ Life Brigade.
10. Young Life Pioneers.
11. Sons of Phoenix.
12. Salvation Army.
13. General Section.

There will be thirteen assembly stations on the Balloon Ground corresponding to the Order of the March-Past. Stewards are requested to proceed to their respective stations with their contingents not later than 1p.m.

The Salute will be taken at the Flagstaff by lady Whittaker and Mr. Angus Watson, J.P.

Centre Transept.

2.40-2.55p.m. Organ Recital.
By Mr. Ernest A. Smith.

3.0p.m. Great Junior Concert.
Of 4,500 voices.
Conductor … Mr. Thomas Paige (Ruislip)
Organist … Mr. Ernest A. Smith

1. Temperance Chorus, “My Pledge” … A.L. Cowley
2. Temperance Chorus, “Centenary Rejoicing” J. Barritt
3. Song, “The Arrow and the Song” … M. W. Balfe
4. Trio, “I waiting for the Lord” f. Mendelssohn
5. Temperance Chorus, “The Band of Hope Brigade” A. L. Cowley
6. Action Song, “Three Blind Mice” … W. Partridge
7. Song, “O Star of Eve”… R. Wagner
8. Chorus, “We Rock Away on the Billows Gay” Anon.
9. Song, “Caller Herrin” … N. Gow
10. Temperance Chorus, “Hail to the Queen” W. Smyth Cooper

During the programme the prizes won in Classes 6, 7, 10, 15, 16, 17, will be presented, and the Centenary Temperance Queen, Miss Margaret Sleet, Wimbledon Cadets, Sons of Temperance, will be crowned.

4.0 and 7.45pm Advance Temperance

A pageant review of the progress of Temperance throughout the ages.
Written and produced by Hugh Parry,
Author of “The Mayflower” etc. etc.

The Spectacle commences with a Procession of the Tributory Temperance Queens and their Courts which will be undertaken by contingents from:

Hackney and East Middlesex
Long Eaton
North London

Followed by the retiring National Temperance Queen and her Court, and the National Temperance Queen Elect and her Court.

Coronation Ceremony
Coronation Hymn – “Hail Temperance Queen”
By the United Choirs.
The Queen’s Levee is opened by “The Royal Temperance Dancers”
Prolocutor … (Miss N. Nye)
Recites the Centenary Ode in honour of the “Seven Men of Preston.”
By Hugh Parry.

Prolocutor announces that the Queen will receive homage from all who have rendered services to Temperance throughout the ages, after which follow representative contingents from:

Sons of Recab
The Independent Order of Rechabites
The Templar Knights
The Order of Good Templars
Pioneers of the Sons of Temperance with Abraham Lincoln
Sir Leonard Tilly Love
General Carey Purity
Neal Dow Fidelity
Church of England Temperance Society
National British Women’s Total Abstinence Union
Cardinal Manning
Father Matthew
The Band of Hope with
Mrs Ann Jane Carlile
Rev. Jabez Tunnicliff
Frederic Smith
The Temperance Hospital
The Boys Brigade
The Girls Life Brigade
The National United Temperance Council
The Salvation Army
Temperance Choral Union
Temperance Athletes
King Khama and his supporters
(Represented by Mr. J. A. Barbour-James and friends)

The field for future Temperance work featured by a group of national representatives.

“The Seven Men of Preston.”
John Gratrix
Edward Dickinson
John Broadbelt
John Smith
David Anderton
John King
Joseph Livesey

Historic and symbolic costumes under the direction of Mrs. Hugh Parry.

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