Totton Temperance Band Rules

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Totton Temperance Band Rules

1. That the name of this Band be the TOTTON TEMPERANCE BAND.
2. That its object be the rendering of Musical Aid to such Temperance and Christian Institutions as may apply, and to encourage adherence to principles of Total Abstinence from intoxicating drinks as beverages.
3. That the Officers of the Band shall consist of, President, Vic-President, Bandmaster, Deputy-Bandmaster, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar, and Honorary Members.
4. That the Band shall practice once weekly, each practice commencing at 7.30p.m. and closing at 9p.m., to be opened by prayer and closed by prayer.
5. That any Bandsman wishing to leave the practice before closing shall notify the Bandmaster or Leader of his intention as soon as he inters the room.
6. That anyone wishing to become a member may do so by signing the Pledge and being elected by the Band, paying an entrance fee of 2/6; the weekly contribution to be 1d.
7. That the Band shall not be broken up so long as there are Six members opposed to that course.
8. That this Band shall not play for Dancing, and members of this Band shall not be members of any other Band.
9. That the ownership of the whole of the Instruments, Music, Stands, and all property belonging to this Band, shall be vested in the hands of Five Trustees who shall be elected by the Band.
10. That a General Meeting of the Band be held once a quarter to deal with current business, being, Reports of Secretary, Registrar and Committee, and other matters of Band importance.
11. That a Committee consisting of the Officers and Four Members of the Band be appointed to conduct the Band business, the said Committee not to hold office more than Twelve Months without re-election, but should one or more resign the place may be filled at once.
12. That the Committee shall refer any or all of their decisions to a full Band meeting for confirmation.
13. That the Committee may expel any member for misconduct, for systematic non-attendance, for being in arrears of contributions, or if he shows such stubbornness to learn that the Bandmaster may consider him not musically gifted enough to become a good playing member.
14. That any member leaving the Band or being expelled shall return all Band property in such a condition as shall satisfy the Committee ; if the property be damaged he shall make it good.
15. That an Annual General Meeting of the Band be held to receive an Audited Statement of Finances and elect its Officers and Committees for the year and consider the individual standing of each member.
16. That every member have a copy of these Rules on being elected and shall sign a duplicate to be kept by the Secretary.

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