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This front page of the South Wales magazine for Band of Hope workers, Workers’ Own, shows the ‘national benefit’ argument in 1917.

…night, the order shall not have effect until approved by the Secretary of State. (2) If any person acts in contravention of, or fails to comply with, any order under this section he shall be liable on summary conviction in respect of each offence to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds. If any person feels aggrieved by a conviction under this section he may appeal therefrom to quarter sessions in accordance with the Summary Jurisdiction Acts.
Workers should see that this is enforced whenever possible. A strong deputation waiting on the proper authorities, giving figures, showing the extent of drunkenness etc. in the neighbourhood will usually be effective.

Outlines of Addresses.

1. A Blot on The Flag.

“He who is for alcohol is against England” – Dr. Saleeby.
Why? Because Drink is the only terrible enemy England has to fear. Not long ago a Prime Minister of this country said, “If England does not destroy Strong Drink, Strong Drink will destroy England.” Anyone then, who sides with Strong Drink sides with England’s “only terrible enemy,” and the one that will, if we let it, destroy England. (Name a few of the horrors of the present war, and show how war always breaks up families, ruins homes, starves men, women and children, blights the prospects and leaves disease and death in its track). Drink does the same, but on a much larger scale. Wars cease, long periods of peace intervene between great wars, but the misery and sorrow caused by drink never ceases.

Belgium and France have been spoilt and ruined by the terrible battles that have been rnging there recently, and it will take years before the blot will be removed from the landscape, and towns have been rebuilt and their beauty restored. Just as war has left its mark, so drink has spoilt and marred our country, and the flag which represents the country.

Strong Drink is worse than England’s worse enemy Because Germany seeks to kill and wound our soldiers, to knock them out of the fighting line, and generally to make them unfit for further service, it is the enemy of our country Because drink does this on a larger scale, it too, is the enemy of our country, and who sides with Drink sides against England.

1. “Drink kills more than all our newest weapons of warfare,” said Field Marshal Lord Wolseley. The gun that can make the greatest slaughter in the least time if the one that finds the greatest favour. (Name the terrible losses the Allies have sustained, and worse than all, the Germans and the fearful slaughter in the recent battles).

But the drink death roll is worse than that

Dr. Pond, of the Leicester Infirmary said “If the people of the United Kingdom would become total abstainers…

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