Methods and Apparatuses for Estimating Bladder Status. US20230162853A1

University of Central Lancashire (2023) Methods and Apparatuses for Estimating Bladder Status. US20230162853A1. US20230162853A1.

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The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for estimating the status of a bladder, especially with respect to the likelihood of an imminent voiding of the bladder. The apparatuses carry out computer-implemented methods of estimating a bladder status employing a bladder monitor which collects bladder data (e.g. using ultrasound) and transmits the bladder data to a data processor for algorithmic conversion to a bladder status. Such algorithms may be trained and tuned to a particular person's bladder. Having established a bladder status based on otherwise esoteric bladder data, the data processor may then trigger an alert signal where the bladder status meets particular criteria indicating an imminent voiding event. Such a trigger signal may be used to alert a nocturnal enuresis patient to an impending void so that they can be awoken before any bedwetting occurs.

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