The British Juggernaut and its Victims

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Statistics of the Manufacture and Sale of Strong Drinks.
During 1851, there were, in the United Kingdom, 2,548 Brewers, 4,357 Victuallers, and 40,543, Beersellers; the former using, (or rather destroying), 41,448,936 bushels of malt, made from good grain; and the two latter retaining for home consumption (besides great quantities exported), 2,902,206 gallons of rum; 1,889,316 gallons of other Foreign Spirits; 16,846,753 barrels of beer; and 6,684,657 gallons of Wine. All this is done under the sanction of law, and an immense revenue derived therefrom by a paternal government. We had prepared some explanatory remarks on this ‘Idolatry of Britain,’ but are compelled to omit them till our next.

The Crimes, Pauperism, &c. produced chiefly by drinking.
But how shall we procure them ! A few only come to the light of open day. Their name is Legion. He does not live who can tell the whole story of its demoralization. It obstructs education, moral training, and religious teaching; fills our workhouses, jails, lunatic asylums, penitentiaries, and refuges for the destitute. Sends multitudes to the hulks and gallows; stands as a huge stumbling block in the way of all social, moral, and religious improvements; and destroys the bodies and souls of thousands every year. And yet ministers and deacons, leaders and members of Christian Churches encourage and keep up the practice. We are sorry to see them in such as above.

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