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The UK Alliance, the organisation set up to campaign for legal restrictions on drink, presented this digest of Lancashire press reports where drink was involved, for the last six months of 1929. It gives some fascinating insights into behaviour, and attitudes to this, in the late nineteen twenties.

C. THEFTS (180 cases).
1. Man walks into a Police Station and gives himself up for stealing cigars and chocolates. “I got drunk last night and broke into Ludlow’s shop.”
2. Labourer steals a car while drunk : summoned for theft and being drunk in charge of a car.
3. A man under the influence of drink steals a piece of beef.
4. A miner went to pay-office : shouted out tally numbers of two other workmen : received their pay : spent most of the money in drink.
5. A man found in possession of a stolen bicycle : very drunk : did not know how he got it.
6. Cook and handyman charged with stealing diamond ring and gramophone records. Drink and gambling his downfall.
7. Domestic servant (49), sentenced to penal servitude for stealing : fond of drink.
8. Young man (22), breaks into a house and drinks whisky.
9. Former Secretary of Blackburn branch of National Union and General and Municipal Workers : two months’ hard labour for embezzlement : downfall attributed to drink.
10. Motor Driver (31) steals motor car : “I was drunk when I did it, and when I got sobered down I got frightened of consequences.”
11. Young man (22), steals doll’s house in a drunken spree.
12. Two men steal ducks and blame drink.
13. Young man (21) steals coat and shoes while under the influence of drink and returns them when sober.
14. Bookmaker’s runner steals £7 3s. 6d. which he considered due to him : under the influence of drink.
15. A Private of the Cheshire Regiment steals lady’s wrist watch : drunk at the time.
16. Two men found in drunken state in the bar of a Club after having stolen money and cigarettes.
17. Young man sent to prison for assault on little girl, two thefts : one from public-house, one from church. He blamed drink : mother agrees drink made him worse.
18. Barman steals £20 15s. from licensee : “I have been having too much beer.”
19. Merchant charged under Bankruptcy Act of unlawfully obtaining credit : previous convictions for drunk and disorderly and drunk in charge of a car.
20. Canadian squandered his money in drink and stole bicycle in order to get drink.
21. Married woman charged with theft from Woolworths : previously on probation : began to drink heavily.

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