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The UK Alliance, the organisation set up to campaign for legal restrictions on drink, presented this digest of Lancashire press reports where drink was involved, for the last six months of 1929. It gives some fascinating insights into behaviour, and attitudes to this, in the late nineteen twenties.

18. Separation and maintenance : wife had to fetch her husband home from public-houses. On one night visited four public-houses and one club.
19. Husband attacks wife with bayonet : always drunk.
20. Husband in arrears for maintenance. “To tell you the truth I have been drinking and spending the money.”
21. Bigamy charge : cruel to second “wife” only when in drink.
22. Neglect to maintain : wife said husband habitual drinker, and the “fireplace looked lonely without its usual array of bottles.”
23. £100 in maintenance arrears. “I will tell you the real truth. I gave way to drink.”
24. Husband summoned for persistent cruelty : married three years : one baby : continually changing lodgings because of husband’s violence when in drink.
25. Husband left wife to go to Australia : she followed but had to leave him because of his drinking habits : returned in bad health.


1. H.B.M. : “He staggered out of the car and was clearly drunk” and under the seat was an empty spirit bottle. He said he had been teetotal but gave way to drink that day.
2. J.K. (35), Stockport : had been to a party and had a stiff whisky : drove home and lay upon the garage floor apparently drunk : then got up and drove the car out again and ran on to the footpath, when he was arrested.
3. Dr. M.G. : “So drunk that he had to cling to the car.” Had six beers in two or three hours.
4. C.N.G., Medical Practitioner, collided with tram-car. In his car were half-empty bottles of whisky.
5. J.M.G. (45), collided with a tram. He thought he had plenty of time to get out of the way. When arrested fumbled for his licence, in his hand all the time. He had had drink.
6. J.F.F. (25), racing motorist. Found asleep at the wheel, front wheel of car on footpath. In an advanced stage of intoxication. Had had eight whiskies.
7. C.W.F. Arrested when trying to start up car. Nearly fell off chair and missed inkwell twice during test.
8. H.J.E. (42), Stratford. Pulled up for showing no lights and found to be drunk. Admitted having eight glasses of beer.
9. C.F.E. (25), lorry driver. Pulled up when proceeding directly to the parapet of a bridge. Found to be so drunk that he could not stand. Has been drinking port wine.
10. A.E. (35), taxi-driver. Staggered out of a public-house and fell on to running board in trying to light up.

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