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The UK Alliance, the organisation set up to campaign for legal restrictions on drink, presented this digest of Lancashire press reports where drink was involved, for the last six months of 1929. It gives some fascinating insights into behaviour, and attitudes to this, in the late nineteen twenties.

10. J.H.D. (44), motor driver : charged with double manslaughter : when driving a charabanc he caused the death of two people : he had been drinking.

(2) SUICIDES (16 cases : 8 “Trade.”)
1. E.S. (44), found with throat cut : his business failing due to his drinking habits.
2. W.F. (69), since his wife’s illness taken to drinking heavily found drowned.
3. M.J.B. (47), unemployed : returned home at 7:30 p.m. “in liquor but not drunk,” at 9.15, found hanging.
4. J.D. (45). In debt : came home under the influence of drink : drank disinfectant.
5. E.B. (41). Registrar : accounts wrong : took potassium cyanide. “He had just come round from a drinking bout and was a bundle of nerves.”
6. J.T.M. (43). Dismissed : jumped into a canal : left a note saying, “I had to get drunk to do it.”
7. C.M., inflicted injury on Mrs. M. and thinking her dead committed suicide : was often the worse for drink and on that day was under the influence of drink.
8. Mrs. B. drinks disinfectant : had just received some money which was spent in drink.
9. J.G., Licensee (49), drank disinfectant : frequent quarrels with his wife : had been drinking immediately before.
10. P.W. lost his job as assistant at P – Hotel : gas poisoning.
11. W.S. (62), took nitric acid : troubled with sleeplessness.
12. W.Y., former licensee : gas poisoning : no apparent cause.
13. A.A., licensee : found hanged.
14. T.W.B., Manager of V – Hotel : gas poisoning.
15. Miss A.R.H. (41), wine and spirit licensee : gas poisoning : depressed by thought that people held the impression that she had done something dishonourable in her business.
16. S.W. (60), worried at having to give up her licence : drank corrosive poison.

(3) INQUEST CASES (37 deaths : 6 “Trade”)

1. James Cooper (58), visits public-house on Christmas Eve about 9.30 p.m. Had three glasses of bitter beer and left about 10.50 p.m. Was found on Christmas morning on Haslington Moors, dead from exposure.
2. Adopted child (4), burned to death by falling lamp. Would not have occurred if not for woman’s drinking habits.
3. Commercial traveller (48), had been drinking heavily for years. Death due to cardiac failure due to chronic alcoholism.
4. Mother (62) and daughter (35) had been drinking and were dancing in roadway : killed by passing motor car.

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