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The UK Alliance, the organisation set up to campaign for legal restrictions on drink, presented this digest of Lancashire press reports where drink was involved, for the last six months of 1929. It gives some fascinating insights into behaviour, and attitudes to this, in the late nineteen twenties.

23. H.G. (70), visited working men’s club on Christmas Eve : found early on Christmas morning leaning against some railings, dead from exposure : a man of intemperate habits : had been drinking heavily.
24. H.S. (37), found drowned : “he was more or less a nervous wreck and was on a drinking bout.”
25. J.P. (22), caused the death of fellow workman : blown up by a compressed air pipe. “I went and had a drink . . . and he asked me to try it on him and I did it.”
26. R.C. (73), a heavy drinker, “death accelerated by excessive drinking of alcoholic liquors.” Had previously set fire to his whiskers.
27. Labourer and girl (24 and 27), killed by motor ‘bus. Had been drinking in three public-houses : surviving companion did not see the ‘bus.
28. Driver censured for negligent driving, causing the death of two people : policeman says he had had drink.
29. Driver of car censured at inquest : driving with friends and failed to take a corner : one killed : during day had visited club (four bottle) later visited public-house.
30. Motor cyclist runs into combination and kills friend : had two glasses of beer.
31. Car mounts sidepath, knocking down three people : one killed. Driver had visited two public-houses within an hour, had a whisky and soda at one.
32. E.T. (30), wife of barman, found drowned.
33. R.H.T. (57), beer retailer : found dead on bedroom floor.
34. J.H.I., ex-publican : found drowned.
35. J.H. (44), licensee : died suddenly following seizure.
36. Mrs. I.E.F. (34), licensee : found dead in her bath.
37. Mrs. A.D., wife of licensee : fell into river.

B. ASSULTS, WOUNDINGS, ETC. (189 cases).

1. H.M., one month’s imprisonment for drunk and disorderly and one month’s imprisonment for assaulting nurse. The nurse was attending to his wife who was about to give birth to a baby. He assaults nurse for refusing entry to his wife’s room : chased her around the room : afterwards assaulted police : the child still-born.
2. Man attacks woman : blows on face : signs of having had good many drinks.
3. Labourer attacks girl : breaks her nose and fractures bone of jaw : attacks her rescuers : under the influence of drink.
4. Two brothers assault policeman and fracture his ribs : both men had has too much to drink.

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