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This tract, produced in Manchester by the UK Alliance, sought to highlight the issues around the prospective Licensing Bill. The Alliance was founded in 1853 to press for legislative reform.

These facts prove the destructive influence of the liquor traffic upon our industrial resources, and how it tends to impoverish and pauperise the nation. The universal testimony of all who have opportunity to investigate the matter is, that the liquor traffic not only paralyzes trade and induces pauperism, but that it is also the main source of nearly all the crime, lunacy, and social demoralization that exists in our land.

Shall this ruinous traffic be permitted to continue its blighting, mischievous work? Assuredly not. In any licensing measure, therefore, there ought to be introduced the following points:-
1st. There ought to be an immediate and an enormous reduction in the number of the places where intoxicating liquors are sold.
2nd. Public houses and beershops ought to be closed during the whole of Sunday.
3rd. It should be made illegal for the magistrates to thrust a public-house or beershop upon any locality when three-fifths of the ratepayers express a wish to be free from them.

The reader who wishes to see these facts elucidated and proved is requested to read “Our National Resources, and how they are Wasted;” by William Hoyle, author of “An Inquiry into the Causes of the Depression in the Cotton Trade,” &c., &c. London: Simpkin, Marshall, & Co. Manchester: John Heywood. Price 3s. 6d. Cheap Edition, cloth, unabridged, One shilling.


“One of the most valuable and interesting volumes we have for some time read.” -Mining Journal.
“We express real admiration for Mr. Hoyle’s Essay, and urge it upon the attention of all who care to look all round the question. His statistics are taken from the best authorities.” -Manchester Guardian.
“The author is a Lancashire gentleman of the politico-economist school, and a clear thinker.” -The Bishop of Manchester.
“The volume is one of great and unusual value; his inquiries are worked out by a mind of almost Cobden-like clearness, directness, exactness, and earnestness.” -Alliance Weekly News.
“The work is rightly styled – ‘ An Omitted Chapter in Political Economy.’ We commend it most seriously to the profound study of all philanthropists.” -The Rev. C. H. Spurgeon.
“We thank Mr. Hoyle for his noble contribution to the science of political economy.” -Ashton News.
“The book should be introduced into all clubs and reading-rooms of working men.” -Globe (London).

This Tract may be had post free, price 1s. per 100, or 7s. 6d. per 1000, from John Heywood, 141 and 143, Deansgate, Manchester; or from the United Kingdom Alliance, 41, John Dalton Street, Mancehster.

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