Aveyard, Jon orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-0063-6848 (2010) VVE. [Performance]

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For this project, a musical score was generated in which each movement of the piece identified pitches and pitch sequences to be used by a violinist to play sustained notes. The violin was linked to a multi-effects pedal adding delay and other effects. As new notes were fed into the delay, the older ones gradually faded away. The result was a piece in which coloured violin sounds were used to generate harmonies that, rather than changing in blocks, gradually shifted. The pitches identified by the score led to triads, extended tonal chords, modal harmonies, and dodecaphonic harmonies.
The piece was selected for the finals of the ECPNM European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects 2010 and was presented for this competition at the Avantgarde Tirol festival in Austria performed by Barbara Luneburg. This composition was developed alongside solo violin + FX performances by the composer for Ear Whacks, New Continental, Preston (24/06/10) and the Tringe Festival, Preston (27/07/10).

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