Supervisor synthesis for Petri nets with unobservable and uncontrollable transitions

Hao, Jinyuan, Gao, Limin, Ran, Ning, Huang, Miao and Zhenming, Hao (2023) Supervisor synthesis for Petri nets with unobservable and uncontrollable transitions. Journal of Hebei University (Natural Science Edition), 43 (5). pp. 517-524. ISSN 1000-1565

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A controller synthesis method based on integer linear programming is proposed to solve the forbidden state problem of discrete event systems with both unobservable and uncontrollable events. Firstly, according to the structural characteristics of Petri net, a set of linear constraints for all unobservable transitions and uncontrollable transitions are constructed, and the given constraints were abstracted into integer linear programming problems. Secondly, the allowable linear constraint is obtained by resolving the integer linear programming problem. Finally, the controller is designed based on library invariants and the transformed allowable linear constraints are integrated into Petri net. The simulation results indicate that the suggested technique is uncomplicated and efficient, and can ensure that the system does not enter forbidden state, which has theoretical guiding significance for discrete event system monitoring.

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