Creativity and expertise

Ball, Linden orcid iconORCID: 0000-0002-5099-0124, Butler, Laurie T., Sherman, Susan M. and Clair-Thompson, Helen St (2023) Creativity and expertise. In: Cognitive Psychology in a Changing World. Routledge, London, pp. 79-125. ISBN 9781003145851

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In this chapter, we explore the remarkable capacity for creativity that humans possess. The first part of the chapter focuses on creative cognition. We start by defining what creativity is and then consider some of the processes underpinning it. We consider whether brainstorming, neurostimulation or mind wandering can facilitate creative idea generation, look at neuropsychological evidence about creativity, and explore theories that attempt to explain creative cognition. The second part of the chapter examines the nature of real-world expertise in domains such a medical diagnosis, which typically involve a mix of routine skills to deal with typical problems as well as creativity to handle complex or novel situations. We explore how experts and novices differ in their knowledge and skills and how they apply them. The final part of the chapter considers the determinants of expertise – is deliberate practice or innate talent more important?

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